Rajasthani Thali

A typical Rajasthani thali includes dal baati churma (round-shaped breads with variety of lentils), gatte ki sabzi (gram flour balls in curd gravy and spices), rotis of bajra, jowar, makka or missi roti (breads of pearl millet, corn or whole-wheat flatbread), panchmela dal (concoction of five different lentils), ker  Rajasthani cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in Bangalore thanks to its spiciness, serving of pickles, the assortment of delicious flavours on a thali and its celebration of culture on a plate. Those grown in Rajasthan are known to be particularly potent and pungent in nature. Commonly known spices such as cumin, coriander, pepper, chillies, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are used. Rajasthani cuisine is also known for its delectable pickles and chutneys which make the meal exciting and also aid in digestion. A favoured rice dish of Rajasthan, Gatte ki Khichdi or Ram Paulo as it is known, is a rice dish whose creation is credited to the scarcity of green leafy vegetables in this desert region. Gatte ki Khichdi is prepared with spices, green peas, boiled/fried besan dumplings and aromatic rice. Rajasthani cuisine is also influenced by the Rajputs, who are predominantly non-vegetarians. Their diet consisted of game meat and dishes like Laal maas (meat in red gravy), Safed maas (meat in white gravy) and Jungli maas (game meat cooked with basic ingredients). Rajasthan is famous for textiles, semi-precious stones, and handicrafts, as well as for its traditional and colorful art. Rajasthani furniture is known for its intricate carvings and bright colours. Block prints, tie and dye prints, Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints and Zari embroidery are famous.