Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak is a monument of great historical importance and is situated in the city of Bathinda in Punjab. The origin of the fort can be traced back to the period between 90 and 110 AD, and it is the oldest surviving fort in India, known to historians. This majestic piece of architecture merges perfectly with the surrounding desert area and looks subtle and elegant. This is perhaps why the Qila Mubarak continues to be a significant tourist attraction in Punjab till date.

Since the opulent fort is located en route from the northwest, it was also known as Tabar-e-Hind or the gateway to India. Owing to its robust structure, it served an essential role in the defence strategies of Punjab. Razia Sultana, the first lady ruler of the Delhi Sultanates, was kept imprisoned in this fort after she was defeated and dethroned. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, had also visited this place. These historical associations make the Qila Mubarak a place of particular interest, especially amongst history lovers. Moreover, some people choose this site as a picnic spot as well. Due to the calm and serene atmosphere of the fort, it is a great place to get a glimpse of history in Bathinda.