Lalgarh Palace

Lallgarh Palace, a breathtaking Rajasthani Palace, is located in the beautiful city of Bikaner, Rajasthan in India. It was constructed for the Maharaja of Bikaner, Maharaja Ganga Singh, between 1902 and 1926. The palace built in European architecture style has now been opened up for tourists as a Heritage Hotel and the entire estate comes under the National Heritage Trust. The estate also houses a museum named Shri Sadul Museum, where you can find traces of Rajasthani Royalties and get an insight into their extravagant lifestyle.

Built with red sandstone bought from the Thar Desert, the colours of the beautiful structure when they change shades as the day progresses. If you wish to stay at the Lallgarh Palace Hotel, you’ll be amazed at the massive size of the rooms you’ll be living in and the regal hospitality you’ll be receiving. One of the estate wings has been maintained only for the Royal family of Bikaner. The other two wings are for The Lalgarh Palace Hotel and the Lakshmi Niwas Hotel.

Walkthrough the splendid corridors and take a stroll in the garden outside or a dip in the swimming pool. Notice the magnificent pillars and fireplaces in the red sandstone architecture, and the carefully maintained gardens and the intricate latticework.